A rub to be treated with respect

This rub is so versatile, it can be calmed down with oils or mayo, or used neat for a touch of fire.  However you use it, this  one definitely needs treating with respect. Just fabulous!

Jacqui Bott

Almeria, Spain

1 thought on “A rub to be treated with respect

  1. Pamela Unterbach

    I was recommended Andy’s Rub by my local Lunardis supermarket in Danville, CA (SF Bay Area) for a tenderloin roast I was making for friends, one of which is a gourmet cook. It was amazing!

    I made it again on a slightly different cut (filet mignon roast), yesterday for Christmas and again, it was great. I first rubbed the meat thoroughly with the rub and added some garlic powder. Then I pan browned the roast prior to roasting. Delicious!

    I am very happy to see how it can be used on veggies and other types of meat etc. Will try one of the soups soon!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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