It hasn’t done us wrong yet

We’ve used Andy’s Rub on absolutely everything we’ve cooked for the last three months, and it hasn’t done us wrong yet! The best tri-tip, AMAZING squash, even omelettes have been made into masterpieces with just a light dash! Even our cat Blue is tryin to get into it! Thanks Andy! (And Lynn, and Drew!)

Josh and Kelly,

Gilroy, CA

Beyond the shadow of a doubt it’s Andy’s Rub that made it so good

I made a winter chicken and vegetable soup with vermacelli and liberally sprinkled Andy’s rub on the chicken breast and in the broth.  I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that it’s Andy’s Rub that made it so good!  It’s the best stuff I’ve ever tasted and makes everything taste better


Hendersonville, TN

A rub to be treated with respect

This rub is so versatile, it can be calmed down with oils or mayo, or used neat for a touch of fire.  However you use it, this  one definitely needs treating with respect. Just fabulous!

Jacqui Bott

Almeria, Spain

“Use this fantastic rub in vegetable platters!”


I love making dips and sauces for various raw vegetables and appetizers.  I used to use Andy’s Rub just to season meats, fish and poultry. I’ve been experimenting, using this fantastic rub in vegetable platters…adding to my aoli concoctions and several dips…delicious!  Sprinkle on roasted potatoes with olive oil.  So many uses!  It’s the BEST!


Danville, CA

“Not just another spice in the cabinet”

Andy’s Rub is not just another spice in the cabinet, it is THE spice for all dishes! My husband complains when it runs low because he can’t stand the idea of grilling without it. I am thrilled to now be able to order on the internet and have given my southern friends a new way to enjoy their meats and chicken. Thank you for making this possible! We are fans forever!!


I’ve never had meat cooked by Andy that wasn’t amazing; I’ve never had meat cooked by Andy that wasn’t rubbed with his signature rub. This is not a coincidence.

“Look like a gourmet cook….Use Andy’s Rub”

Look like a gourmet cook….Use Andy’s Rub!!!!

I am not your average cook…cooking is my passion!  I have been using Andy’s rub for years. My guests always want to know what I’ve put on my meat, fish, poultry or pork. I used to have to say it’s a secret recipe of my Uncle Andy’s, but now they are thrilled they can purchase it for their own kitchens!!!  If you’re not a gourmet cook, they’ll think you are with Andy’s Rub!!!

“You’ve got it down and dialed-in”

Awesome!  Andy’s Rub has replaced my ex- favorite rub which I’ve been using for years. You’ve got it down and dialed-in with the perfect blend of herbs, spices & just the right “kick” to enhance the taste and flavor of all my grill and barbequed favorites. Thank you!

“Really, you have to try ANDY’S RUB, it’s absolutely AWESOME!”

All I can say is I tasted this rub on a Tri Tip roast that was cooked to perfection and served at a recent wedding reception. This stuff is unbelievable, created, produced and marketed by a local guy that’s been in the Meat Industry and Catering Business for over 40 years. Really, you have to try ANDY’S RUB, it’s absolutely AWESOME!

“problem solved, with Andy’s Rub.”

I’m not the kind of person that cooks in the kitchen. I love to bbq! But my biggest problem was finding a good, flavorful rub. Well problem solved, with Andy’s Rub. No more shopping for spices!!